Services  I provide

Graphic Design

This is one of the strongest tools in digital marketing. Beautiful graphics can instantly communicate a message, feeling, emotion, and value.

Social Media Management

3 billion active users are on social media opening up doors to new business opportunities, customer service & ever-growing communities.

Web development

Websites are made to drive leads & establish a brand presence. The UX/UI experience across all devices should be seamless.


With more than 2.2 million searches on Google alone per day, making it to the front page nowadays is often the make or break for businesses. Optimizing your SEO is mandatory.

Email Marketing

Connect with your customers on a more personal level & abandon the bulk email system. It’s time to deliver content that converts & fixes customer’s pain points to create more meaningful connections.


When PPC is working correctly, the fee is trivial, because the visit is worth more than what you pay for it.


Who I am

Hi there 👋🏽 My name is Reina and I started my own self-learning path more than 3 years ago in digital marketing and since then I am obsessed. Marketing helps connect people and I want to be a people connecter. 

I’ve worked with businesses to create and grow their online presence, from building customer-friendly websites to creating fun and engaging social media content! Every business knows how important it is to have an online presence nowadays.  I want to help YOU! 😄

If this is something you need! Let’s connect! 


Reina is one of the most passionate and positive freelancers that I've had the pleasure of working and strategizing with. She very quickly understood our goals, and everything she produces is a true expression of our brand. In addition to innate skills, Reina is responsive, respects deadlines, and is extremely efficient in the tasks assigned to her. You will not regret hiring her.
Leah Fishman
Content Manager, Seeker
Reina has excelled during her apprenticeship with Setters Group. I am impressed with her graphical skills and eye for detail. I can only see an exciting career ahead in Digital Marketing for Reina. I happily recommend her to anyone in my network.
Marjet Van Wijk
Founder, Setters Group
I have had the pleasure of working with Reina this year and I am glad I did. She has been in charge of social media marketing for our clients and she did a brilliant job with it. She is a fast learner, attentive, and eager to get the work done. she designed tailored strategies specifically for our client’s needs and requirements, Reina is very professional and would be a strong asset on your team should you decide to work with her.
Marawan Mansour
Director of Operations, Setters Group

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